About Scholarships


Scholarship applications are no longer being accepted for this year. The application will reopen February 1, 2023.

 Accompanying the list below is a brief explanation of the type and amount of the scholarship. Also listed are other eligibility criteria including which schools/seniors are eligible.  Students are responsible to have their guidance counselor send their “Official Transcript” to the Foundation office at 214 Ninth St., Honesdale, PA 18431.

The following is the list of current scholarships:


Scholarships for all Wayne County resident students

Aaron Hocker Memorial Scholarship: $1000 (1 available): Healthcare major
Akers Scholarship: $1000 (1 available): Forestry, Agri-Business, and Education Major
Caruth Scholarship: $1000 (1 available): Healthcare major or Pre-Dentistry
Earl R. Reifler: $1000 (1 available): Pre-Med
Edwin J. Thomas Memorial Scholarships: $1000 (3 available): Based on academic achievement
Herzog Scholarship: $1,500 (1 available): Education, Business, Math, Need-Based
Leon Scudder Scholarships: $2000 (10 available). Based on academics and need
Marshall Scholarships: $1000 -$2,500 (1 available): Agriculture, Diesel Power technology, Agri- Business, Heavy Equipment Operation or other agricultural/construction training programs
Drs. Philip and Rosita Liu Scholarship: $2,000 (1 available): Healthcare major
Robert Zabady: $1000 (2 available): Culinary Arts or Healthcare major
Seelyville Church: $500 (1 available): Theology, healthcare or education majors or pursuing missionary work
Wayne County Bar Association: $1000 (1 available): Pre- Law, Criminal Justice or Forensic Science major
Wayne County Community Foundation Paul Edwards Scholarship: $1000 (6 available): Need and community activities
Wayne-Pike Medical Society: $2000 ($500 over 4 yrs. -- 1 available): Healthcare field
William Schwarz Scholarship: $2500 (1 available): Automotive Industry


 Scholarships for Honesdale High School students only

HHS Friends of Boys Basketball: $500 (2 available): Selected by Coaches
HHS Friends of Soccer: $1000 (1 available): Selection by Coaches
Honesdale Lion's Club: $1000 (1 available): Optometry, Vision Health or Therapy major or Healthcare
John G. and Eleanor P. Rickert: $2000 (1 available); Education major
Kelley Lalley Memorial Scholarship: $1000 (1 available); Member of HHS Varsity Basketball Team
Luke Rickard Memorial Scholarship: $1000 (1 available): HHS Varsity Basketball player
Megan E. Wilcox Scholarship: $1000 (1 available) Christian Ministry or education
Osborne Scholarship: $500 (1 available): Selected by Coaches.
Robert Diehl Memorial: $1000 (1 available): Career and Technical Education
Rowe/Box Scholarship: $1000 (1 available): Career and Technical Education
Stovall Scholarship: $1500 (1 available): Selected by HHS Guidance, “most improved student”
Swendsen Scholarship: $1000 (2 available): Highest ranking student to major in engineering and highest ranking student participating in the Health Occupations Program


Scholarships for Forest City Regional High School students only (click on the specific applications for these Forest City ONLY Scholarships)

David M. Cavalieri Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 (1 available)
McAndrew Memorial Scholarship: $5000 (1 available): Medical Career Field
Sterchak Scholarship: $2500 (1 available): Architecture and Engineering


 Scholarships for Honesdale High School and Wallenpaupack students only

Jeri Bigart Memorial Scholarships: $1500. (2 available) Career and Technical Education.


Scholarships for Honesdale High School and Sullivan West (NY) Students only

Jake Hopkins Memorial: $1000 (2 available, one for each school): Career and Technical Education


 Scholarships for Wallenpaupack Students Only

Alice Welker Music Legacy Scholarship: $1000 (1 available) the highest grade average in Band and Choir (to be determined by WAHS choir director each year.)
Medical Foundation Scholarship: $1000 (1 available)
Schmitt, Karllina Memorial Scholarship: $1000 (1 available) Education, Counseling, Art Therapy, Construction, Construction Management, or Entrepreneurship chosen by family committee


 Scholarships for Western Wayne High School only

Jake Burkhardt Memorial Scholarship: $500 (1 available): Science major. Eligibility based on need.

Selction Process

The Scholarship Committee of the Foundation’s Board of Directors will review all applications making recommendation to the Board for its final approval. Students must be Wayne County, PA residents attending either public or private schools or a student at Wallenpaupack Area High School for scholarships specific to Wallenpaupack Area High School Students. Selection is based on academic achievement, community involvement and financial need.  The Wayne County Community Foundation’s  Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and make selection aligned with the scholarship sponsor’s directions.  Final approval is made by the Wayne County Community Foundation’s Board of Directors.  Those students selected for scholarship will be notified in writing in early June. Students will then need to respond to that notification with information about the school they have committeed to to be able to issue the scholarship check. 

For any questions, please contact Ryanne Jennings at rjennings@waynefoundation.org


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