Foundation Funds
The individual funds created by our donors are the heart and soul of the Community Foundation. We invest the initial contribution and use the earnings to support the donor’s goal. Preserving the principal creates funds with a long “life.”  
The funds benefit a variety of causes and are a place where individuals can design funds that target their interests.  Often “Legacy Funds” are established where  families and friends can create a lasting tribute to a deceased loved one
to support a specific church; issue; scholarship; or even to support a named non-profit organization.  In many situations, individuals will name the Foundation in their estate planning so they may guarantee that certain things they feel strongly about have support.  Non-profit organizations and individuals establish funds in order so their contributions are tax-deductible and professionally managed.  A review of our list of funds is the best example of the wide variety of types of funds that can be established.

The Jeri Bigart Memorial Fund: Established by Mr. Eugene Bigart in Memory of his Wife. The fund assists deserving students attending a vocational school.

The Boy Scout Troop #111 Fund: This consists of funds bequeathed to the Troop for its ongoing support.

The Ben Franklin Fund: This fund was directly bequeathed in Ben Frankalin’s Will. Our Foundation qualified for funding via the State and uses it to award $1000 annually to our service award in Ben Franklin’s name.

The Michael J. Bryant Memorial Fund was established by his parents, William and Debra Bryant to assist people with special needs and developmental disabilities. Additionally, funds can help community groups such as the 4H or volunteer fire companies. Michael’s siblings, Zach Bryant, Carrie Bomgardner, and Emily Montgomery sponsor an annual 5K Run, “Herd the Curd” to help increase the number of grants awarded.

The William E Schwarz Memorial Scholarship was established in 2013 by the Board of Directors of the Dime Bank. The annual award scholarship goes to a Wayne County graduate pursuing a degree in the automobile industry.

The Aaron Hocker Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship was created by the family of the late Aaron Hocker for the purpose of extending aid to individuals studying in the health care field.

The Wayne Library Alliance Fund aids the County’s Libraries primarily funding technology purchase

The Wayne Area Sport Hall of Fame Fund furthers sports opportunities for the Count’s youth.

The Robert and Inger Stovall Fund awards a scholarship for the “most improved” senior at Honesdale High School.

The Barbara Houghtaling Book Fund supports elementary school libraries and the purchase of books for children.

Albert S. Lipperini Memorial Scholarship Fund, established by the friends of Mr. Lipperini, provides a scholarship for a student going into the Human Services career field.

The Leon Scudder Fund was created by a substantial bequest establishing scholarships for Wayne County graduates.

The Honesdale Rotary Fund supports worthy community projects.

The Edwin J. Thomas Fund provides for scholarships and also funds grants for community projects.

The Robert Zabady Scholarship Fund recognizes the substantial support given to our Foundation by Mr. Robert Zabady. The fund provides for scholarships.

Jerry and Marilyn Swendsen Fund supports a scholarship for a student at Honesdale High School entering the field of engineering and a scholarship for a student attending a summer music camp.

The Merle and Earl Walters and Honesdale Lions Club Vision Scholarship awards a scholarship for a student studying optometry or other vision health career field.

The Ruth T. Fiore Memorial Scholarship: This fund was stated to fund associated with animal welfare.

The Drs. Bette and Lawrence Caruth Fund provides for a college scholarship for a student entering the Health Care Career field.

The Theodore Engstrand Fund: The Fund was established as a bequest of Martha Franco that support scholarships and grants for horticulture associate projects in Wayne County.

The Wayne/Pike Medical Association Scholarship Fund: This fund will provide for an annual college scholarship to a graduate of Wayne or Pike County High School who will major in the Health Care Field of study.

The Herman H. Rutsch Fund: Created by the late Herman H. Rutsch, the fund supports the work of the Bethany Presbyterian Church and Bethany Cemetery.

The Luke Rickard Memorial Scholarship Fund: The fund was created by the family of the late, Luke Rickard. Each year a scholarship is given to a Honesdale High School graduate who is a varsity boy’s basketball player.

The H. Richard Osborne Memorial Fund: The Friends of Honesdale Boys’ Basketball founded this scholarship in memory of Dick Osborne. Dick was the former Basketball Coach and AD at Honesdale.

The HHS Friends of Boys’ Basketball Fund: This scholarship fund recognizes students associated with the Basketball team.

Rowe/Box Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship fund is in memory of James Rowe and Alice Box by the Row, Wilson & Box Family. The fund supports an annual scholarship for graduates of Honesdale High School majoring in the field of Vocal Technology or business.

Earl R. Riefler Pre-Medical Scholarship: The fund established a scholarship for Wayne County resident graduates intending to major in the field of Pre-Med.

Peter Propst Memorial Fund: The fund was established in memory of Pete Propst to support high school science programs at Honesdale High School.

Wayne County Bar Association Fund: The fund awards a scholarship to a student majoring in Pre-law or the Criminal Justice career field.

Howard and Ruth Akers Memorial Fund: The children of Howard and Ruth Akers established an annual scholarship for a student majoring in agri-business or education.

David M. Cavalieri Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is to honor the memory of David M. Cavalieri, a 2012 graduate of Forest City Regional High School. He tragically lost his life in a car accident in 2016. The $1000 scholarship is given to a Forest City Regional HS graduate.

The Drs. Lorrain, Rick and Patrick McAndrew Memorial Scholarship: The McAndrew Memorial Scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Lorrain A. McAndrew and his sons, Dr. Richard L. McAndrew and Dr. Patrick McAndrew. The $5,000 scholarship goes to a Forest City Regional HS graduate pursuing in the health care field.

The John G. and Eleanor P. Rickert Memorial Scholarship: This $2,000 scholarship was established by Ann R. Koziol in memory of her parents. It is awarded to a graduate of Honesdale High School who will major in education.

The Joseph and Kathleen Sterchak Scholarship: This $2 500 scholarship has been established by Joseph and Kathleen Sterchak to support graduates of Forest City Regional High School majoring in Architecture or Engineering.

The Seelyville Union Sunday School Scholarship: This organization has created a scholarship to be awarded to a graduate who intends to major in a vocation wherein their ability to positively affect the lives of others is evidenced through the application of a nurturing, caring and compassionate attitude. graduates are eligible.

Educational Endowment Fund: The Fund is used to support educational projects

The Ferro Fund (YAC): The Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee receives its grant award subsidies from this Fund.

The Rita Bellamy Fund: The Fund is used to support projects which promote the Foundation’s expansion.

The HHS Soccer Fund: This Fund supports a scholarship to a HHS Soccer player and other projects promoting soccer at the school.

The Viola Robb Fund: The Fund is used to support projects that promote the expansion of the Foundation.

Forest City Regional Education Foundation Mini Grant Fund: The Grant is used to support innovative teaching and classroom instruction in the Forest City Regional School District.

Forest City Regional Education Foundation Alumni Scholarship: Funding from this goes to providing a scholarship for a deserving graduate of Forest City Regional High School.

The Gruber Family Fund: Established by Louis and Frances Gruber the fund support worthy nonprofit causes in Wayne County.

The James Kilgore Family Fund: The Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. James Kilgore to support nonprofit causes in northern Wayne County.

The Yablon Foundation Fund: This Foundation’s purpose is to support a variety of charitable causes located in southern Wayne County. Emphasis is placed on the causes of Drug Awareness and Treatment; Veteran’s Affairs; Animal Welfare and the Hamlin Rotary.

The East Dyberry Cemetery Fund: Proceeds from the investments of this fund go toward the ongoing care and maintenance of the grounds.

First Responder’s Fund: The Fund was established as a joint venture with the Villaume Foundation for the purpose of supporting grants from volunteer 1st responder organizations within the county.

Freedom Lodge IOOF: This fund supports a scholarship to be given to a Wayne County graduate