O'Neill Society

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Named in memory of Daniel J. O'Neill, the O'Neill Society was created to recognize those who remember the Wayne County Community Foundation through a will, trust, life insurance, or other planned gift.

Too often, gifts of this sort are unrecognized because they come at the end of the donor's life.

Involvement in the Society gives members the opportunity to enjoy the company of others who, like themselves, care about leaving a legacy to protect and strengthen Wayne County.

How can you join the O'Neill Society?  Only a statement of intent to leave a gift to the Wayne County Community Foundation is required.  No documentation of gift amount is necessary. Members of the O'Neill Society may designate the use of the distribution of their future gifts, or may leave the distribution to the discretion of the Foundation. A gift may be used, in appropriate circumstances, to establish a new fund or scholarship, or may be added to any of the Foundation's existing funds.

You can find the O'Neill Society form here to print at home and mail into the Foundation. 

For more information, contact Ryanne Jennings by email, or call 570.251.9993. 


The O’Neill Society recognizes those donors who have invested in the future of our county by naming the Wayne County Community Foundation as a beneficiary of their estate plans. The name of the society honors Dan O’Neill, long time ‘community servant’ and Foundation Board member.

Funds benefited by estate plans can support any charitable cause or organization, including the Foundation itself, and can work to benefit the county – long after the lives of the donors. The names of the Society Members are published periodically in our local newspapers and in our Annual Report. There is no monetary minimum.


If you have or wish to include the Foundation in your will or other planned gift and wish to be recognized in the O’Neill Society, please contact the Foundation’s office and we will be pleased to help you complete the forms and add your name to our society.


  • Joseph and Kathy Adams
  • Thomas and Nancy LaTournous
  • Deborah Bailey
  • Charlotte A. Lent
  • Walter* and Marilyn Barbe
  • Joe and Stella Macey
  • Vicky Botjer
  • Bruno and Kelly Maton
  • Kent L. Brown, Jr.
  • Mary Markowski
  • Peter and Amy Bochnovich
  • William McAllister
  • Steve and Jamie Brown
  • Gloria A. McCullough*
  • John and Tonia Carmody
  • Paul and Sandy Meagher
  • Drs. Betty Mae & Lawrence* Caruth
  • Paul M. Jr and Jenny K. Meagher
  • James* and Shirley Chapman
  • Jett and Bob* Mermell
  • Vincent and Roberta Conroy
  • Elwood and Kathy Merring
  • Judge Robert J. Conway
  • Patricia Mohn
  • Bill and Jessie Davis
  • Timothy and Jennifer Morgan
  • Carol Dunn
  • Joe and Tish Murray
  • Marcia Dunsmore
  • Ann O'Hara
  • Judge Janine Edwards
  • Dan* and Alice O’Neill
  • Paul and Colleen Edwards
  • Gerard O’Neill
  • Francis* and Martha* E. Franco
  • Michael and Erin O'Neill
  • Gregory Frigoletto
  • David Raven
  • Nancy Fritz
  • Marty and Sandy O’Neill Rickard
  • William Gershey
  • Ronald and Rebecca Rowe
  • George* and Anne* Gilchrist
  • Herman H. Rutsch*
  • Reed Goodman and Dr. Joel Goldstein
  • William Samford
  • Connor Simon
  • Louis* and Frances Gruber
  • Warren H. Schloesser
  • Keith and Mariann Gunuskey
  • William Schweighofer
  • Raymond and Donna Hamill
  • Leon M. Scudder*
  • Tony and Sharon Herzog
  • Tom and Vicky Sheridan
  • Cal* and Kuni* Holbert
  • Michael and Erin Shine
  • Barbara Houghtaling*
  • Jay Starnes
  • Mark and Brooke James
  • Judge Nicholas and Carol Stroumtsos
  • Tom* and Laura Kennedy
  • Jerry and Marilyn Swendsen
  • John and Courtney Krajkovich
  • Jane Varcoe
  • Robert Kramer*
  • Bob Zabady
  • Kelli LaTeer

* Deceased

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