Wayne Tomorrow!

Wayne Tomorrow! is a county commissioner and community-supported planning initiative aimed at providing a collective effort to support a prosperous community, established in 2013.  The mission has been to foster an inclusive process for creating a shared vision that will enhance the community and help guide the future development of Wayne County. Wayne Tomorrow! is made up of people of varying backgrounds, professions, and political outlooks from different industrial and economic sectors, as well a group of volunteers who might only rarely have found themselves seated around the same table.

This varied group identified five key elements to focus on not only as individual components, but also as interrelated and connected topics, and they formed Work Groups to look more closely at Agriculture, Business and Economic Development, Human Resources and Education, Quality of Life, and Sustainable Communities.

In sum, Wayne Tomorrow’s philosophy is thus:

·     Work to maintain the county’s distinctive character and natural assets

·     Recognize the need for a strong economic foundation through a more diverse industry/business profile

·     Work to build a resilient and integrated economic and cultural ecosystem

·     Regard technology infrastructure as a foundational platform for business and community development

·     Support a diverse environment that serves the needs of differing ages and backgrounds

·     Embrace a culture of collaboration

·     Facilitate the effective exchange of information and ideas

·     Proactively promote the region

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