Michael J. Bryant Fund Grants

The Michael J. Bryant Memorial Fund will award $10,000 in grants to Wayne County citizens with disabilities or nonprofit community organization projects. Established in June 2008, the Memorial Fund has distributed more than $73,000 to local individuals and organizations. It continues to grow with contributions from family, friends, and the upcoming 12 th annual Herd the Curd 5K race, Saturday, August 31. Administered by the Wayne County Community Foundation, this is the twelfth consecutive year the Fund will award community grants. During his life, Michael Bryant overcame many obstacles, giving him a special sensitivity to people with disabilities. He also was devoted to his community, volunteering his time to the local fire company. The purpose of this fund is to assist people with disabilities acquire goods and/or services desirable or necessary to maximize their potential or help local nonprofit organizations improve their communities. Organizations can nominate individuals by filling out the grant application and noting the specific need and associated costs.

Examples of specific needs may include, but are not limited to, the following:

● Summer camp tuition for those with physical or developmental needs

● Specific therapy needs – i.e. therapeutic horseback riding, therapy balls

● Classroom supplies for those with physical or developmental needs

● Expenses associated with Special Olympic participation

● Expenses associated with 4-H participation for those with physical or developmental needs

● Expenses associated with independent living for a person with physical or developmental needs

● Expenses associated with specific projects that will have a positive impact on local Wayne

Applications are due Friday, May 24, 2024. The Foundation will notify winners by Friday, June 7, with a check presentation scheduled following notification. The Fund will reimburse organizations, rather than individuals to assure financial accountability. Previous applicants may re-apply.




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