Board of Directors and Staff :: Wayne County Community Foundation
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Board of Directors and Staff

The Foundation is proud of its volunteer Board of Directors! Board members come from all over our county and have a wide variety of vocational backgrounds and interests.

Board of Directors

Ronald Rowe: President
Jay Starnes: Vice President
John Carmody: 2nd Vice President
Vicky Botjer : Treasurer
Meg Welker: Secretary
Peter Bochnovich
Kate Bryant
Sarah Draidfort
William Gershey
Sharon Herzog
Mark James
James B. Kilgore
Thomas LaTournous
William McAllister
Paul Meagher
Kimberly Modrovsky
Patricia Mohn
Kimberly Oxholm
Sandra O'Neill Rickard
Alycia Schwartz
Warren Schloesser
Gene Shultz

Wayne County Community Foundation Staff

Executive Director:
Ryanne Jennings

Outreach and Grant Manager:
Connor Simon