Our Circle of Aunts and Uncles

Aunts and Uncle photo

A new micro revolving loan program is being created at the Wayne County Community Foundation. The Circle of Aunts and Uncles is a revolving loan fund housed and managed by The Wayne County Community Foundation, a 501(c)3 foundation, operating in Wayne County PA since 1992. Wayne County’s Circles of Aunts and Uncles is modeled after the Circles of Aunts and Uncles based in Philadelphia and founded by Judy Wicks, entrepreneur and activist.

Our Circle of Aunts and Uncles is a philanthropic community project to provide low-interest loans and social capital to under-resourced entrepreneurs who are leading new or growing local businesses, in order to co-create a more equitable, compassionate, sustainable, and vibrant local economy within or impacting Wayne County Pennsylvania. 

The Aunts and Uncles will recommend loans for the Wayne County Community Foundation to issue to selected entrepreneurs, as well as provide social capital -- enthusiastically spreading the word about the business to friends and colleagues; become customers themselves; provide marketing, management & sales advice; and/or make connections to potential buyers, agents, seasoned colleagues in the same industry, local suppliers, and/or other resources.

The Circle of Aunts and Uncles envisions a prosperous regional economy that supplies basic needs to the local population, works in harmony with our natural ecosystem, supports vibrant, joyful, and inclusive community life and has broad-based business ownership reflecting the demographics of our population.


If you are interested in becoming a “Aunt” or “Uncle” in the circle, or learning more about the project, including how entrepreneurs can apply, please visit the www.waynefoundation.org/funds/nepa-circle-aunts-and-uncles, or contact Ryanne Jennings at 570.251.9993 or by email : info@waynefoundation.org

Media Note:  Judy Wicks will be speaking on “Resilient Regional Economies” at 6pm Tuesday, September 15th, during the SEEDS Annual Membership meeting. For 12+ years SEEDS, the Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support (www.seedsgroup.net) based in Wayne County has promoted energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable living in our communities. It’s annual meeting is free and being live streamed to the public via Facebook (www.facebook.com/seedsofnepa) or on its Youtube channel.